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Council’s Planning Committee again looks at Maluaka Park’s required expansion on Tuesday.

9/18/16: When KCA was officially established nearly 56 years ago as the Kihei Community Association, it was to represent the “Kihei District”, which included Wailea and Makena. Over this more than half century the area has changed extensively, but our Association by-laws have not. So while the situation is much more complex we try to […]

Council’s Planning Committee induces Kihei resident testimony this morning

8/4/16; Committee Chair South Maui resident Councilman Don Couch and his committee got an earful from some North Kihei residents concerning development along Kaiwahine and the effects on a long term (30 year) neighborhood resident. KCA also testified in support of the residents present & those who communicated with us prior to the meeting, but […]


Transportation plays a large part in planning, so it fits that a KCA committee focused on community planning would want communication with the county department leader that focuses on this. A bonus: flooding is another concern, and Public Works (DPW) plays a big part in this as well. So we were most pleased when Director […]


KCA Committee Chair Hecht contacted the DLNR about a newly erected fence makai of Makena Rd at the Ahihi-Kina’u Reserve, and not only did they respond quickly, a team of three came to the next meeting to explain the need for the fence, with lots of additional information. Dr. Fern Duvall , Casey Stewman , and […]

LARGE turnout at Council’s Planning Committee

Thursday morning meeting (6/18/15) stirs strong feeling about County’s Community and General Plans and effect of land zoning ordinances on them. Your Association had four directors present and testifying among the nearly forty testifiers, at an unusual meeting. Some out of the “out of the ordinary” aspects were there seemed little community awareness of the […]

County Planning Committee Bill on Home-Based Businesses Passes

UPDATE 10/3/14    PC 33, This Home Based Business Bill arose as scheduled this afternoon in the Committee, with the absence of any community testimony. Thus the five members of the committee’s total of seven who were present, went through the often revised bill, supplemented  with Planning Department input, and approved the bill on first reading. Thus […]

MECO advises response to Maui County input to our Planning Committee

As reported here on 4/10/14 SEE Maui County energy guys reported to this committee their position on MECO’s proposed actions in South Maui. This morning (5/8/14), MECO, represented by“project lead ” Engineer Troy Connatser and “Director of Government and Community Relations,” Mahina Martin .came to the committee to offer their perspective.    .. Your […]

DPW Director David Goode meets with KCA Planning Committee

This morning (4/10/14), as always, Director David Goode pleasantly agreed to address the concerns of our Planning Committee at the KCA office. Presented with that very familiar list of KCA priorities going back decades, including the proposed N-S Collector Rd, making Kihei a walkable-bike able community and overall sufficient infrastructure to match all the established, […]

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is the long range planning arm of the KCA and reports to the Board of Directors. It participates in planning the future of the South Maui Community. This planning includes but is not limited to development of desirable standards and goals for infrastructure, architecture, land use, coastal resources, utility service, transportation, recycling, […]

KCA Planning Committee examines the Krausz Companies’ Downtown Kihei project

UPDATED MAR 13, 2013 Maui County Planning Committee unamimously approves next phase of this development, at which KCA offered testimony.  See Maui News Article:   Interesting they are updating traffic study. NOV 8 2012 Led by executive V. P.  Jay Krigsman, The Krausz Companies offered an updated presentation of their Downtown Kihei Project, which […]