When the County Council’s Planning Committee,  chaired by Kihei’s own Don Couch, announced they would be discussing, “Walkable & Livable Communities,” as well as “Repetitive loss of Properties; Floodplain Management Plan,” at their afternoon meeting on December 12, we felt Kihei was very interested, and sent a representative to address  & listen to the committee. We advised the committee of Kihei’s dire need for more and better places to walk (and bicycle,) as well as our urgent concern with flooding.

A major portion of the meeting was devoted to a power point presentation by Dan Burden, the executive director of the “Walkable and Livable Communities Institute,” an acknowledged expert in this field. During his Maui stay, partially funded by Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition (NPAC).  working with the County Planning Department, Dan explored various areas of Maui. He is planning to return  in Feb, 2012,  to view four areas of Maui to offer his valuable suggestions for improvements. Unfortunately no where in So Maui was included, but Don asked if Kihei might be. KCA has contacted the Planning Department to ascertain why Kihei was overlooked and how this omission can be rectified. Kihei is too often ignored, because it is no considered a “small town;” but history teaches us that originally this area was comprised of four neighborhoods, aka “small towns,” which have grown together by poor planning and developing practices.

Unfortunately we could not attend the “flooding” portion of this Committee Meeting, but will follow up with our Councilmember.