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Hawaii’s Firefighting Leaders Share Their Lessons

  3/28/2024 #wildfire From Civil Beat: Hawaii’s Firefighting Leaders Share Their Lessons With Officials From Across The World  Representatives from fire organizations statewide are at a conference this week in Reno about minimizing and managing wildfire threats. Preventing the next Lahaina is a community responsibility that will take incentives and penalties, Hawaii’s leading fire...

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Mayor Bissen Delivers State of the County Address 3/15/2024

  3/16/2024 #kihei #mayor #maui #government While not specific to South Maui, Mayor Bissen touched on a number of issues of great concern to our area in his State of the County address at an almost full Maui Arts & Cultural Center on March 15, 2024: Investing in the North-South Collector Road Cracking down on short-term rentals to make more of them available to Maui residents,...

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  Sanya Mangrove Park is just one of many “sponge” projects in China, a way to work with water instead of fighting it.COURTESY OF THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE FOUNDATION 3/15/2024 #urbanplanning #water From Wired March 15, 2024: The Designer Who’s Trying to Transform Your City Into a Sponge Kongjian Yu pioneered China’s “sponge city” concept—less concrete and more green spaces to exploit...

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Talk Story on Our Food Systems

  2/7/2024 #kihei #community #foodsystems From the Maui County Department of Agriculture: You are formally invited to join the Department of Agriculture’s Community Talk Story Sessions to develop the Maui County Food and Nutrition Security Plan. From February through March 2024, the Maui County Department of Agriculture will host Community Talk Story Sessions in each residential area...

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Maui Friends of the Library to open additional nonprofit bookstore in Kīhei

  2/2/24 NE W  INFORMATION Grand opening, blessing planned for nonprofit bookstore in Kīhei Grand opening, blessing planned for nonprofit bookstore in Kīhei 12/11/2023 #kihei #mfol From Maui Now: The Maui Friends of the Library seeks volunteers to help open and run a new bookstore planned to serve customers soon in Kīhei. The MFOL used bookstore will be located at 95 East Lipoa Street...

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Cesspool replacement plan for Maui Meadows

  1/26/2024 #kihei #mauimeadows #cesspool There is now an initiative to speed up the required transition away from cesspools in Maui Meadows for the sake of human and coral reef safety. The proposal involves the creation of a Community Facilities District and also government funding. For the proposal to take off, Maui Meadows residents must sign a petition for the Community Facilities...

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Major project proposed to protect Kīhei with green belts and firebreaks

1/16/2024 #kihei #fire #greenbelt #firebreak The Leeward Haleakala Resilient Landscapes grant proposal was submitted to the USDA Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program. These proposals haven’t been approved yet. The submitters are hoping to hear back from the funding entity in the Spring. This is the presentation provided at the KCA public meeting in November 2023.   This grant...

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Public Works (DPW) working for public fire safety in Kihei

  1/3/24 #kihei UPDATE   At almost this same exact location, this could  have been yet another fireworks tragedy. Perhaps because of the brush abatement, the lack of wind,   quicker neighborhood actions, some luck or a combination of all of these. 12/31/23 was scorched earth and a damaged fence.  Once again firefighters lacked a key to the County gate at...

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South Maui CPAC 11/1/2023 – Plan Adoption

  10/30/2023 #kihei #southmaui #cpac #communityplan Wednesday, November 1, 5:30 pm Malcolm Center The South Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee The committee will discuss and decided whether or not to adopt the draft community plan that it has worked on for the past year. Watch in person at the Malcolm Center or on Akakū. Because this meeting is a continuation from 10/23 when public...

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