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Kihei’s “Holiday” Whale

UPDATE 12/25/14    Now almost two years later with no fanfare, we see the Whale s “lei’d” again for the season, still protected by the accredited fencing. Our area seems filled with individuals and organizations, some accredited, some not, working to make South Maui a better place to live.                 […]

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Kulanihakoi Gulch Fires Threatens North Kihei Homes This Afternoon

The gulch mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway in area of North-South Collector Road Corridor, between Ka’ono’ulu and Kulanihakoi, flared up about 1:00 PM this afternoon (4/16/14), bringing MFD from Kihei and Wailea stations, as well as water dropping helicopter. The chopper made numerous drops, ceasing just before 3:00 PM. We believe the fire flared up […]

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Report on MPD at KCA Meeting

The tragic events on our island of the two female residents who have gone “missing” precipitated a major focus change in last night’s  (2/18/14) general membership meeting. When the meeting was scheduled last October, the plan was an update from the Maui Police Department (MPD) focused on our area, South Maui, to examine crime, traffic, […]

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General Membership Community Meeting addresses Climate Change on Tuesday

This current edition of the Maui Time Weekly asks what will climate change mean for Hawaii? For answers to this query and several others on this topic, be sure you are at the Kihei Charter Middle School at 41 E. Lipoa this Tuesday (Aug 20) at 6:30 PM for our general membership public meeting. “This […]

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APRIL 30 2013 MECO considers other options for Transmission Lines Across Kihei

UPDATE * APR 18,2013  PUBLIC MEETING    MECO has announced a meeting on Tuesday 4/30/13 from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Kihei Community Center 303 E Lipoa St concerning the “proposed South Maui Reliability Projects,” including the transmission line from Maalaea across Kihei and the Kamali’i and Kaonoulu substations. For more information, call 244-2015 DEC 14, 2011   An […]

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How to “fix” a Kihei intersection.

UPDATE 4/1/13   Our last report from almost 16 months ago(following) addressed what happen when stop sign was flattened several times. Here is the newest installment.       12/5/2011–Right by the entrance to the new Kihei Community Park, where Liloa ends at intersection of Halekuai, vehicles driving south on Liloa had a full stop, before they […]

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KCA Planning Committee examines the Krausz Companies’ Downtown Kihei project

UPDATED MAR 13, 2013 Maui County Planning Committee unamimously approves next phase of this development, at which KCA offered testimony.  See Maui News Article:   Interesting they are updating traffic study. NOV 8 2012 Led by executive V. P.  Jay Krigsman, The Krausz Companies offered an updated presentation of their Downtown Kihei Project, which […]

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Are vehicles speeding up Ohukai in N. Kihei?

UPDATE   (2/26/13) This month we saw the portable speed device again alerting drivers in each direction their present speed, makai of the Pi’ilani highway on Ohukai in North Kihei.  Now Public Works Director David Goode has announced vehicle speed statistics were being compiled with a potential outcome being that speed tables or other traffic calming […]

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Legislators Discuss South Maui High School Funding

The proposed funding for South Maui High School is now in front of the State House Finance Committee. The Department of Education (DOE) via Governor Abercrombie requested $130 million in fiscal year 2015 to fund the construction of the school. KCA board member and education liason Andrew Beerer and KCA member Laura Marzke, both members of […]

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Feb 19 meeting looks at our Community Plan

 How many Maui residents are really familiar with Maui County’s Community Plan process? Many guys get that it is a outline for how each section of the County’s islands are developed. The Kihei Makena Community Plan (KMCP), one of nine county wide, covers the area for the Ahihi Kinau Marine Reserve north to Mehameha Loop, […]

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