The Kihei Community Association is run by group of inspired citizens who believe that by working together we can make South Maui the best place on earth. If you share the notion that it takes involved citizens to strengthen a community and are willing to volunteer time, your talent and are a good team player sharing the common vision set out in our mission statement, then we invite you to apply to participate on a committee that is of interest to you. Please use the form below to apply and a committee chair will be in touch with you.

Committee Application

  • Are you a permanent resident of Maui County?
  • If “yes,” how long have you been a full-time resident of Maui County?
  • If “no,” how many months each year do you spend on Maui?
  • If you live in south Maui (Ma’alaea to Makena), how long have you lived in this area?
  • Are you now or have you been a member of KCA?
  • What committee or committees do you think would be the best fit for you? You will be contacted by somebody from the committee to answer any questions.
  • Briefly describe any special knowledge, skills, experience or interests you have that might help KCA achieve its mission:
  • Have you served on other boards or committees? If so, please describe:
  • Anything else we should know about you to help us evaluate your candidacy and/or place you on a suitable committee?

Next Public Meeting

July 20, 6:30 pm
Recycling in Maui County

Is there such a thing? Or does everything go into the landfill?

We will hear from those in County government as well as in industry who are working to reduce, reuse and recycle what otherwise would be treated as waste.

Join the meeting and express what you would like to see happen with recycling by typing in your questions and comments to the event page below when it goes live.


Please share the Facebook event and join the meeting online at:

KCA membership not required but encouraged, as are donations to the
Maui Food Bank

Keep up to date by checking the website often--it's always topical.

Meanwhile, get vaccinated, practice social distancing and live aloha.


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KCA relies on your membership dues to accomplish our goals for a smartly planned community. Well-managed traffic, drainage, safe walking and biking routes, community parks and clean ocean water are just a few agenda items.  You can help shape our future by renewing or joining KCA today. Have time and a desire to make a difference? The KCA board seeks new volunteers to help with projects and carry the torch into the future. Please contact KCA to ask how you can be of service to our community.

To see what our future community may look like, check out Dick Mayer's presentation on the development planned for South Maui.

Have a question about something you saw in Kihei? Check the KCA website! If the answer isn't already there, leave a post.

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