Unlike the other 49 U.S. States, Hawaii has no cities or municipalities, except in name. Yet, despite the fact that our lowest level of government is at the county level, individual communities have their own identities and seek to express these in their planning and development.

Many island communities establish volunteer community associations to represent their interests to county and state government.These associations participate in community planning and improvements and are taken seriously by government. In fact, the Maui County Council often insists on hearing from community associations on matters that come before them.

The Kihei Community Association fills this need in South Maui. The KCA is widely considered to be the most active organization of its kind on Maui.
Members of the Board of Directors meet monthly. General Membership meetings are generally held the third Tuesday of each month.

Join the KCA today and be part of a growing comunity! Annual membership fees are as follows:

2012 KCA Membership Schedule

Membership Level Cost
Individual/Family $ 25
Silver $ 50
Gold $ 100
Business $ 100
Silver $ 250
Gold $ 500

Sponsorships are also available