Kihei Community Association was chartered as a non-profit organization in 1960 and is led by an all-volunteer, elected board of directors. KCA works with county and state government, law enforcement, other community organizations, businesses, and individuals like you on growth, sustainability, infrastructure, and quality of life issues to ensure that south Maui remains one of the best communities in which to live, work and vacation.  Our goals include disaster resilience through fire prevention, sufficient transportation means within as well as to and from Kihei, maintaining and improving our parks, and making the community sustainable through the application of smart and responsible growth principles, ensuring we have clean and healthy water to drink and swim in, while preserving our natural environment.

KCA works for the good of the whole community, openly and honestly, seeking consensus on major issues.We may not agree on all the details of what is needed nor the priority of the list but we work together hand in hand, openly and honestly.  We get behind the goals of the association and make progress where we can. We encourage citizen support and involvement – we’re better and stronger together.  Besides, it’s more fun.

We’d love your support and active involvement. Become a part of the Kihei Community Association today and make South Maui, from Ma’alaea to La Perouse, a better place for tomorrow!

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