9/18/16: When KCA was officially established nearly 56 years ago as the Kihei Community Association, it was to represent the “Kihei District”, which included Wailea and Makena. Over this more than half century the area has changed extensively, but our Association by-laws have not. So while the situation is much more complex we try to continue our mission for the area, sometimes working with newer regional specific organizations through the South Maui Coalition of Community Associations (SMCCA) or on our own.

As we examine the agenda {item (PC-2)} of Tuesday morning’s Committee meeting chaired by our residency designated member Don Couch, concerning a required expansion of this beach park conditioned by a approved zoning change over a decade ago, we are unclear why this was seemingly never enforced.


We express out thanks to Councilman Couch for bringing this matter to the public once again, as we note back nearly five years ago, Oct 2011 we had requested Chair Couch to determine why Makena Resort had not fulfilled this conditioned expansion. So now five years later with major changes happening there we repeat this request, since if zoning conditions are not completed, what is the purpose of placing them on a developer