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Free Walking Tours in Kīhei!

  3/12/2024 #kihei #tour We have a new opportunity for locals and visitors to learn about our town’s history and famous places! Maui Walking Tours LLC  is offering free historical walking tours. The company will host free walking tours across numerous towns on Maui that inform locals and tourists about the fun and interesting past of that region, starting with Kīhei. Founder...

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South Maui District Rep on the Maui Planning Commission

  3/9/24 #kihei Do you recall when you voted (you DID vote, right??) in the last (2022) election, there were some proposed Maui County Charter amendments? One that passed overwhelmingly that November Day became part of the current charter.—January-2023 It says: “Each planning commission shall exercise its powers,...

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Maui MPO announces Vision 0 week next month

  1/23/24 #kihei   For immediate release: Jan. 23, 2024   Press release by: Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Pam Eaton, Executive Director   Transportation safety is a priority for South Maui’s Vision Zero Week in February   KIHEI, Maui – The public is invited to participate in a series of events for South Maui’s Vision Zero Week on February 12...

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Ch Ch Ch Changes for 2024 officers at KCA

1/13/24 #kihei It has been over two decades since KCA has had a wahine at the helm of the organization, but that drought has ended this year. The Board of Directors voted Charlene Schulenburg as the president for this year.   Returning Treasurer Patricia Stillwell yielded her Secretary position to new Director Audrey Lester.   Rob Weltman remains the VP as the only kāne....

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Public Works (DPW) working for public fire safety in Kihei

  1/3/24 #kihei UPDATE   At almost this same exact location, this could  have been yet another fireworks tragedy. Perhaps because of the brush abatement, the lack of wind,   quicker neighborhood actions, some luck or a combination of all of these. 12/31/23 was scorched earth and a damaged fence.  Once again firefighters lacked a key to the County gate at...

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Bridge vs Box Culvert spanning stream gulches in Kihei

11/25/23  #kihei Our general membership meeting earlier this month focused on the negative effects of stormwater flowing down the mountain into South Maui coastal community. For the most part these effects are the result of what humans did over time to disturb and disrupt a natural system developed over centuries that worked well.  But when you clear-cut upcountry forests, fill in the...

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Final 2023 membership meeting on hot topic has low turnout

11/22/23  #kihei Maybe it was because it was Thanksgiving week? Maybe because it has been many months since Kihei has been flooded? Maybe folks are only focused on wildfires? Whatever the reason, there were a lot of empty seats at the Pro Arts Playhouse for an outstanding presentation directed at stormwater flooding, but wildfire matters are certainly intertwined with what is being done to...

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Mayor and team come to Kihei to hear from community; residents do not show up

  11/3/23 #kihei Last evening was the budget hearing for the South Maui district at the Community Center on Lipoa, but the mayor’s team had more in attendance than the community. Then only half of those that showed offered oral testimony.   KCA was one the few present who testified in person, and there was a single on-line individual, but those present could neither see nor hear...

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Kihei’s Mud Floods have not dried up

  October 31, 2023 #kihei Most of the world’s attention toward Maui island is connected with the wildfires, and while our residents’ is as well, in South Maui we also know that this time of year we have to be aware and prepared in every way possible for the potential of mud flooding. So our November 21 membership meeting will do both with an update on wildfire mitigation actions...

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Maui Green and Beautiful Newsletter and Event

    10/10/23 #kihei We are posting this M G & B Newsletter for community awareness 2023 Update Aloha Members and Tree Friends! LAHAINA BANYAN & TREESCAPE The Lahaina Banyan, treasured symbol of hope and renewal, is recovering, thanks to renowned Oahu arborist, Steve Nimz of Tree Solutions Hawaii. Steve and the Treecovery group are also guiding the recovery of the 10-15% trees...

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