Transportation plays a large part in planning, so it fits that a KCA committee focused on community planning would want communication with the county department leader that focuses on this. A bonus: flooding is another concern, and Public Works (DPW) plays a big part in this as well. So we were most pleased when Director David Goode readily agreed to attend the monthly committee meeting at our KCA office Thursday (5/19/16) morning. Not only did he offer us a presentation on requested topics, and answer our questions, he gifted KCA with a large Kihei area map..

The majority of the meeting concerning flooding and drainage, with little encouragement for short term improvement. Most of the remainder was spent of vehicle transportation, but there was way more concern and topics than time allotted. Graciously, Director Goode advised he would meet with again in the future.

In his appointed position as a department director in the Arakawa Administration, under the current system, when that administration ends in 1/19 so would his tenure heading the DPW. Presently, no one knows the government system at that juncture, so no way to know what would happen to department directors, but if invited, it was our understanding that Director Goode would consider remaining. We believe that is a good thing.IMG_3643 IMG_3639 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3642 IMG_3644