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Oneloa Coalition Meeting March 14, 2019

ONELOA COALTION MONTHLY MEETING REPORT   3/15/9 #kihei Last evening at the usual Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) classroom at Maalaea Harbor location, the Oneloa Coalition (OC) commenced their umpteenth meeting on matters of Makena (Oneloa) State Park at 6:30 PM. Coalition representatives included Maui Tomorrow President Albert Perez, who is also the OC Chair; State Parks, Makena Homeowners Association, Makena Resort;  Maui Cultural Lands, the Kihei Community Association, and environmental scientist Robin Knox of Kihei. Other representatives included are ccommunity activist Kai Nishiki;  Kula Makai Moku representative Cody “Koko Roots” Tuiviti; and Peter , retired from Haleakala National Park....

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  2/14/19 #kihei #makena #oneloa #mauitomorrow Last evening at 6:30 PM the members of the Oneloa Coalition assembled, as they have for several years. This evening the turnout was less than average, with just eleven in attendance, led by Maui Tomorrow’s Albert Perez.  The Coalition has segmented for efficiency and progress over the past few years. While Kihei Community Association has been unable to participate, each Coalition meeting is preceded by the Paniaka Subcommittee, which continues to make decisions on how to do what is best for the Paniaka Pond within the State Park of Oneloa, also known as...

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Oneloa Coalition Kicks off 2019 at Tante’s Maalaea

New location, but extended process continues to benefit Oneloa (Makena) State Park   1-6-19 #kihei Last week, on January 3rd, the Oneloa Coalition (OC) assembled at Tante’s Fish Market at the Maalaea shops.  The Oneloa Coalition was organized back in 2009 to “ensure the preservation of historical sites and natural ecology at this State Park” and the Kihei Community Association is among the named stakeholders. There are various individuals and organizations who are members of the Coalition. For example, several state park employees are members. Each meeting, under the continuing guidance of Maui Tomorrow’s Executive Director Albert Perez, commence...

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Oneloa Coalition Monthly Meeting at New Location Last Evening

11/15/18 UPDATE.   Last evening the Coalition was back in the regular room, the familiar PWF classroom, with continuous 2018 guidance of Albert Perez leading the meeting. Albert has continually urged all the entities of the value of continuous representation of the same reps from each sector and regular attendance each month. The logic for this was brought forth when Russell (from State of HI) brought up strong differences from the groups general conclusion of the presentation last month by Jim Mothersbaugh on compost toilets. So with Russell not being present in  Oct , and neither Jim nor Kaimi Judd,...

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Oneloa Coalition Meeting at Maalaea Continues Lengthy Process on Makena State Park.

9/04/18 #kihei This past Tuesday, September 4th, under the guidance and direction of Albert Perez, the Oneloa Coalition is back on track with a regular monthly meeting. This is a core group of organizations formed over a decade ago. These groups are stakeholders who seek to preserve and restore Oneloa (Makena) State Park. The most ambitious dedicated volunteers gathered as a subcommittee for sixty minutes, prior to the ninety-minute main meeting on Tuesday evening.  The subcommittee specifically addressed the Paniaka pond restoration project. But wait, there’s more. The REALLY motivated guys met that morning on September 4th for a site...

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Oneloa Coalition July meeting last evening

7/13/18 #kihei Last evening about twenty Oneloa Coalition members, including KCA, assembled in Maalaea for the monthly meeting. While we were not able to do so ourselves, the majority of them participated in a committee meeting for one hour preceding this 90 minute meeting. The next meeting is set for 9/4/18 at the same location.    ...

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Strong showing by 17 participants shows success of the volunteer group’s concern       UPDATE 4/27/18.  HERE IS A LINK TO THE CURRENT MAKENA STATE PARK PLAN 4/26/18 #kihei Last evening 17 members of the coalition assembled at the current regular meeting location in Maalaea, the Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) classroom. The meeting was called to order by Maui Tomorrow Foundation’s executive director Albert Perez. After introductions of attendees, shortly after 6:00 PM, the multi-hatted Daniel Kanahele (KCA director is one hat) yielded to Justin Kekiwi to read the mission of the Oneloa Coalition, an agreed action...

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The Oneloa Coalition meets in Maalaea on Tuesday evening

Discussion about Makena State Park’s proposed bathrooms and Paniaka Fishpond/Wetland Restoration Continues 3/27/18 #kihei Commencing at 5:00 PM at the Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) Classroom (downstairs) at Ma‘alaea, the number of participants grew from about a dozen at start to over twenty before concluding nearly 2.5 hours later. We again joined representatives of the numerous organizations that compose the Coalition on these two actions which had continued for the past few years. (Note: KCA had representation at the previous meeting on 1/26/18, but we were unable to offer a report) Two entities did not appear nor advise a change after confirming participation: the Makena Homeowners’ Association (although some individuals did participate) and Makena Resort, but Maui Tomorrow’s Albert Perez helped organize the meeting and acted as moderator. PWF had several reps, led by Elizabeth Speith, a biologist who advised on the Paniaka project. For the State, two O‘ahu based leaders – Martha and Russell – traveled over for the meeting (& flew home immediately afterward). Their Maui team was led by Park Superintendent Larry Pacheco. Kula Makai Moku had a couple of guys – Vernon & Koko – and there were Hannah from HWF, multi-hatted Daniel Kanahele, Ekolu Lindsay and mom, and several others. The next meeting is set for April 25 at this same location at 6:00 PM....

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Oneloa Coalition Meeting Thursday Afternoon

6/8/17 # kihei Coalition members from several organizations (including KCA) met this afternoon in Maalaea, primarily to see what is up next for the Paniaka Fishpond Restoration stakeholders project. Paniaka fish pond is in the southern section of Oneloa (Makena State Park – Big Beach). While the state government employees were the largest segment in the room, followed by Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) guys, neighbors and non-profits also took part, along with Council Member Kelly King. For us, the big news was a secured grant from Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) to PWF for $40k for the project. Then the previously announced...

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Oneloa Coalition Meeting on Tuesday

As Makena Resort development gets so much attention, the volunteer group Oneloa Coalition continues to protect and improve the State Park ”next door.” #kihei    2/7/17 Are you aware of the Oneloa Coalition (OC)? KCA is one of the nine volunteer groups which formed an alliance, in conjunction with the DLNR, to preserve and protect the Makena State Park (Big Beach). SEE   The long-term effort continued on Tuesday (2/7/17) with a site visit meeting in the morning. One of the multifaceted efforts for this gem of a park, which reportedly gets over 450K visitors annually (loving to death?), is to install updated improved and environmentally friendly sanitation facilities (showers & toilets) . There were opposing efforts over the years, aiming to keep it rustic & undeveloped, but the reality of hoards of humans spending hours & days there led to the realization that practical action was needed. The last we understood the estimate for installation was between $2.5 and $4.0 M, and the State Legislature is considering an appropriation (SB 1079), but first locations around Oneloa beach have to be determined, part of the reason for this site visit this morning. There were three potential sites at the first (Larger parking lot) section, and two at the second entrance. With seemingly more guys from the State than the community making a total group of about twenty, we felt...

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