11/15/18 UPDATE.   Last evening the Coalition was back in the regular room, the familiar PWF classroom, with continuous 2018 guidance of Albert Perez leading the meeting. Albert has continually urged all the entities of the value of continuous representation of the same reps from each sector and regular attendance each month. The logic for this was brought forth when Russell (from State of HI) brought up strong differences from the groups general conclusion of the presentation last month by Jim Mothersbaugh on compost toilets. So with Russell not being present in  Oct , and neither Jim nor Kaimi Judd, VP of development for Makena (who set Jim up to present) present in NOV, the group will have to wait at least until the next meeting on JAN 3 (NO DEC meeting) to make any conclusions.

In addition Makana resident  Sam Garcia, who chairs the just established subcommittee on Objectives and Action Plan offered report of  their first meeting, and that next one was already  scheduled. Go Sam!

10/04/18 #kihei

     Last evening, this month’s Oneloa Coalition (OC) meeting was relocated from the usual site of the Pacific Whale Foundation’s (PWF) classroom to the new MAKAI THEATER AT MAUI OCEAN CENTER just up the stairs and across the parking lot. This was due to a scheduling conflict.

But the change did not alter the continuing responsibility of the representatives of the various groups ensuring the preservation, restoration, and management of the State park in Makena. Meeting chair Albert Perez oversaw the subcommittee’s report on Paniaka Pond and the continuing topics regarding the proposed restrooms, the master and management plans.

After introduction and meeting minutes, Jim Mothersbaugh was back again, this time via Skype, to offer a presentation, this one on compost toilets for multiple areas of the State Park.

Following this slide presentation, several questions and comments were offered to Jim before he was excused, and the discussion moved on to the proposed Master & Management planning for the park. This brought forth proposals concerning two additional committees for objectives, planning, and fundraising.

The next meeting is set for November 15 at 6:30 PM at the usual PWF classroom.