2/14/19 #kihei #makena #oneloa #mauitomorrow

Last evening at 6:30 PM the members of the Oneloa Coalition assembled, as they have for several years. This evening the turnout was less than average, with just eleven in attendance, led by Maui Tomorrow’s Albert Perez. 

Albert Perez, Executive Director of the Maui Tomorrow Foundation, is on the right. Justin Kekiwi, a Hawaiian cultural advocate and chair of the Iwi Committee for Aha Moku Honua’ula, is on the left.

The Coalition has segmented for efficiency and progress over the past few years. While Kihei Community Association has been unable to participate, each Coalition meeting is preceded by the Paniaka Subcommittee, which continues to make decisions on how to do what is best for the Paniaka Pond within the State Park of Oneloa, also known as Makena Beach Park.

Paniaka Pond is overgrown with plants (Image: Pacific Whale Foundation)

Further two additional subcommittees were formed, “Objectives and Action Plan,” as well as one on “Outreach and Fundraising.” For several years, the topic most discussed was restrooms. While some saw such construction in the park was “development,” the lack of them yielded the obvious disgusting unsanitary outcome.

Adding to the challenge each time there seemed to have an agreed plan, a combination of newer technology, better science, and new participants called for more revisions. Adding to the complexity were funding issues by the State Legislature. Once again the group is coming to a plan to go forward, which we hope can get results.

The next meeting is set for March 14, 2019.

Kristie Wrigglesworth, acting Executive Director of the Pacific Whale Foundation

Oneloa Wetlands (Image: Pacific Whale Foundation)