2/19/19  UPDATE. Meetings commence at 1:00 PM Wednesday at the MACC on the MegaMall, and at 6:00 PM at R & T Park Malcolm Center on the safe crossing to the new high school.

2/15/19 UPDATE  Yes we are aware that Jonathan is currently the chair.  Our file picture shown here was taken when he was VC and so labeled. We hope to get new pix next week.

2/11/19 #kihei

The meeting will be held at The Research and Technology Business Park, Malcolm Center, 1305 North Holopomo Street, Suite 5, at 6:00 pm.

The Kihei Community Association (KCA) has been very strongly supportive of the land use change made by the Land Use Commission (LUC) as a condition for the construction of the new high school in Kihei. The requirement of the change was passed by the LUC over five years ago.

When the LUC approved the request by the DOE for the land use change to build the high school mauka of the four-lane undivided highway, they did so with a required condition: “Petitioner shall cause to be constructed, or ensure that there is an available above or below ground pedestrian crossing and implement such mitigation or improvements as may be required or recommended by the study and analysis to the satisfaction of DOT prior to opening Phase I of the Project” (emphasis added) (2018 Annual Report Land Use Commission Docket A11-794).

It has been decades since planning first began for the high school in Kihei. Once actual construction of the high school was started, the KCA noted no action had been taken on the matter of pedestrian access.  This was exacerbated when we learned that both the Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) agreed to not provide the pedestrian access, though this was the expressed recommendation of the LUC and the will of our community.

Therefore the Land Use Committee has scheduled a meeting regarding this matter of pedestrian access. 

The more favorable pathway is under the roadway, along with the top of the existing gulch for a number of reasons. It is much more likely to be utilized; it is a lot less expensive; it was recommended in the professional study that was commissioned by the DOE; it can directly connect to the greenway that the county will construct along the North-South Connector Road (NSCR) in the vicinity of Kulanihakoi Rd, which will be the vehicle entrance to the school.

We already see all the issues and concerns just south of there at Lipoa with the newly opened Kihei Charter School. Imagine repeating this with a larger school. Segregate the walkers, cyclists, and skateboarders from the cars, trucks, and buses not only for safety but to produce a lot less congestion. This can happen with good, reasonable, and progressive planning.

Public testimony is accepted at the opening of the meeting. We encourage anyone concerned with student and educator safety to attend. We thank the volunteer commissioners for coming to Kihei in the evening for the hearing and to testify in support of pedestrian safety.