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Council’s LUC votes No on Kihei Wellness

Fourth meeting this year runs over four hours 12/13/17 #kihei Shortly before 6 PM this evening, the 9 member LU committee voted 5-4 to not approve the Planning’ Director’s proposed bill to grant a change of zoning request from residential to business to develop the Kihei Wellness Center, a medical/office building at 1488 South Kihei […]

Kihei Wellness back here Wednesday! Council’s LUC meeting continues day after site visit, but no conclusion

Extensive public input at site supplemented in chambers with none in favor of zoning change 12/8/17  UPDATE  This Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 this project is back seeking Change of Zoning in Council chambers. You chance to voice (or write) you opinion 11/15/17 #kihei In chambers, the Council’s Land Use Committee was called back into session just […]



Kihei Wellness Center proposed next to Kihei Vet** hearing on May 10, 2016 9AM

This commercial project a two story a 22,000 ft2 building  for “wellness related services.” is scheduled to go before the County Planning Commission in Wailuku at 9:00 AM on May 10, requesting a change in zoning (CIZ)  from Residential to Commercial. Presently it is vacant land next to Kihei Veterinarian Services, and a separate vacant […]

Kihei Wellness Center Reviewed By Planning Committee

The Kihei Wellness Center was reviewed by KCA’s planning committee.  Please provide comments on the documents below: SMA Signature Page SMA Application Kihei Site-Bldg Rendering Kihei Exhibit 17 TIAR Kihei Exhibit 16 Archaeology Kihei Exhibit 15 Flood Kihei Exhibit 14 Photos Kihei Exhibit 8-13 Kihei Exhibit 1-7

Controversial Proposed Commercial Kihei Project Returns to Council’s Land Use Committee

Required site visit / LUC meeting set for next Tuesday afternoon at 2 for Kihei Wellness Development   November 8, 2017  #kihei   When this item was deferred last March at the County Council’s Land Use Committee (LUC), KCA was among many calling for the committee to schedule a site visit at the vacant land on […]

Council’s LUC Committee says go to the land for “Wellness” proposed project on Wednesday afternoon

Change of zoning from residential to business request TBD #kihei 3/22/17 At the conclusion of a nearly four hour meeting, Committee chair Bob Carroll decided to follow a repeated KCA request to schedule a site visit for the proposed two story medical office building with a stated 65 stall parking lot in a long-time vacant […]

‘Can David Goode Fix Kihei?’

Maui County official discusses roads, sidewalks, bike paths and flooding in South Maui. “What we have to do is try to work with what we have.” February 2, 2012 Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez , The Maui Weekly It was a full house at the Tuesday, Jan. 17, meeting of the Kihei Community Association (KCA), with over 85 people gathered […]

Council Member Kelly King’s 4th quarter meeting with KCA BoD this morning

Most of the 2018 Directors also participated 12/7/17 #kihei At the KCA office at 10 o’clock the BOD welcomed Councilor Kelly King to receive her update in exchange for our offered input and concerns in the final quarterly meeting for 2017. Some of the topics: Kulanihakoi River Bridge Replacement We presented our proposal for a […]

Council’s LUC site visit draws strong turnout

Required site visit LUC meeting for Kihei Wellness Project Development 11/14/17 #kihei When this official committee meeting of the Council’s Land Use was called to order by Chair Bob Carroll, just past 2:00 PM KCA had more directors than the LUC had members present. They commence with bare quorum of five, and we had seven. […]