This is a guest article by Kihei resident and KCA member Dr, Debra Greene. It does not represent the positions of the Kihei Community Association, but we welcome discussion of issues affecting our South Maui Community.

5G is here with potential hazards and dangers

Last summer Gov. Ige signed into law the fast-track deployment of 5G across the state of Hawaii. This allows placement of 5G wireless cell antennas in the public right of way (i.e., state and county telephone poles, electric poles, decorative poles, etc.).

Some quick facts: 

  • 5G is categorically different than anything that has ever existed in the history of the planet.
  • Residential neighborhoods will be saturated with small cell antennas, every 2-8 homes.
  • Radiation emitted by 5G cell antennas will be tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today. 
  • 5G will add to – not replace – current cell antennas and towers.  
  • 5G has never been safety tested and there are no plans to do so!
  • Deployment of 5G on Oahu has begun. 24 cities in the US and several cities abroad have 5G.
  • Related research shows clear evidence of wireless radiation harm to humans, animals, plants, birds and insects. 
  • Research shows risks of DNA damage, cancer, neurological/brain effects, damaged sperm, and more.
  • 5G includes 20,000 new satellites in low orbit beaming radiation  to everything in their path
  • Deployment has already begun with one path directly over the Hawaiian islands.
  • Concerned scientists worldwide are calling for a halt to 5G. 

The multi-trillion dollar telecom industry is using the same playbook as big tobacco and big pharma: 1) Take over the regulating agencies; 2) discredit or payoff scientists who do legitimate research; 3) pour on the propaganda to the public; and 4) make your product as addictive as possible. 

People all over the world are mobilizing to raise awareness and stop 5G. And now is the time, before it becomes fully implemented.

Dozens of municipalities in the US have passed a moratorium. Brussels, Belgium has imposed a ban on 5G due to radiation concerns. The second largest region in Switzerland, Vaud, has taken similar action.  

We have the power to delay or stop 5G on Maui because the County has the final say in issuing permits for   5G infrastructure here. The permitting process is happening now, according to Burt Lum,  Strategy Officer for Hawaii Broadband Initiative. Please contact the Mayor and the Council Members now to voice your opposition to 5G on Maui. 

As part of a national 5G Day of Action, May 15, we held a rally in front of Queen Ka’ahumanu Center to raise awareness about the dangers of 5G. The event was covered by the Maui News. Our neighbors on Kauai also held a rally.

On Saturday, July 27, we will participate in the next 5G National Day of Action starting at 10:30 a.m. until noon. We will sign-wave on Kaahumanu Ave sidewalk in front of the mall. Please join us! No sign? No problem! Come anyway.

If you care about Hawaii, please sign our petition for a moratorium on 5G until it can be proven safe  

Please contact me with any questions or to help out: 874-6441,

Debra Greene, PhD (Ohio State University), founded to help raise awareness about wireless radiation dangers, including smart meters, and advocate for safe wired solutions. A health & wellness author, educator and speaker, Debra has lived on Maui (Kihei) for over 21 years and cares deeply about our island home.