Extensive public input at site supplemented in chambers with none in favor of zoning change

12/8/17  UPDATE  This Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 this project is back seeking Change of Zoning in Council chambers. You chance to voice (or write) you opinion

11/15/17 #kihei
In chambers, the Council’s Land Use Committee was called back into session just after 1:30 PM by Chair Bob Carroll, again on the single matter – LU27 – of a proposed change in zoning from residential to business for the Kihei Wellness Clinic project. The same seven members participated, with two excused.

The last meeting at this facility on this matter was eight months ago (SEE https://gokihei.org/environment/councils-luc-committee-says-go-to-the-land-for-wellness-proposed-project-on-wednesday-afternoon).

Yesterday, as best as we could determine there was no one testifying in favor of the change, but a score requested no change in zoning. So it was again this afternoon: there were less than ten, but not one in favor.

Once again opposition focused on

  • The zone change in an area completely residential with the single exception of the long standing Kihei Vet
  • Cultural concerns of the k?naka
  • Flooding
  • Potential illegal grubbing and/or grading of land
  • Disturbing endangered species in the water area
  • A neighborhood petition of opposition with 100 signatures

But after three+ hours, the meeting concluded without even a motion. It was unclear when the matter would next be heard in this committee, and some indication it may not occur until 2018. Stay tuned!