Required site visit LUC meeting for Kihei Wellness Project Development

11/14/17 #kihei When this official committee meeting of the Council’s Land Use was called to order by Chair Bob Carroll, just past 2:00 PM KCA had more directors than the LUC had members present. They commence with bare quorum of five, and we had seven. When the tardy council chair White arrived, they matched our seven guys, and we do not even get paid.

This was the first action since the item was deferred last March at the County Council’s Land Use Committee (LUC) KCA was among many testifying in opposition to the requested change of zoning.

SKR makai.

As best as we could determine there was no one testifying in favor of the change, but a score requested no change in zoning

So eight months later, the look at the land by the Council members reflected the visual and word pictures presented at Council chambers first hand in person at 1488 SKR, just south of the Kihei Vet building.

Once again opposition focused on

  • the zone change in an area completely residential with the single exception of the long standing Kihei Vet;
  • Cultural concerns of the kanaka
  • Flooding.
  • Potential illegal grubbing and/or grading of land
  • Disturbing endangered species in the water area
  • Community plan violation
  • Increased traffic

*a neighborhood petition of opposition with 100 signatures.

KCA Treasurer Patricia listens


Tomorrow the process will continue at 1:30 PM in chambers again offering opportunity for public input, but will also have a presentation by owner’s reps and Committee discussion and expected vote.

Council members Atay and Sugimura