Actions this morning and plans for the future making South Kihei Road (SKR) in North Kihei safer   

11/14/17 #kihei
This morning the Highways division of Public Works was out in force removing wind blown sand and debris from SKR makai, which makes this segment between mile marker one and Kaonoulu Road a bit less hazardous for pedestrians and bicyclists. While this is a roadway fronting the Maui Lu, it is NOT related to any commencement of construction of this time share development.

As you know, we have championed to make the entire length of the beach road safe for alternative transportation with continuous sidewalks and bike paths.

Earlier this year we submitted a sidewalk and crosswalk plan along another segment of the road from Kulanihakoi to Pi’ikea to this department and followed it up with a morning walk accompanied by Director David Goode and Kelly King’s EA Susan Foley (SEE

This week we are submitting a request to the director for a portion of the $150k newly established County grant (restricted to alternative transportation) to cover the design of this plan, as it is obviously not enough for reasonable construction.

Stay tuned