KCA hopes that walking experience will incentivize action for pedestrians and cyclists in North Kihei.
7/28/17 #kihei
We hear it all the time. Visitors attend a 4th Friday event at Azeka, then have a terrifying walk home to their condo. Parents won’t allow keiki to walk or bicycle to school as it is too dangerous.

Starting at 8:00 AM this morning a contingent of KCA volunteers decked out in the sartorial splendor of the “Build Housing, not Malls” T- shirts, met with Public Works Director David Goode and Rep Kelly King’s EA Susan Foley at Azeka makai ( by the post office) for a walk North along SKR to Kulanihakoi and then back. The experience of disconnected sidewalks, squeezed road shoulders, and lack of simple-lined crosswalks was shared and discussed. 

We had formulated a detailed plan we offered to the department several months ago for this area, so we ensured everyone participating had the plan in hand as they walked it.

David offered tips, suggestions and valued input suggesting that small improvements can be made in the near future, such as widening the bridge over Waipuilani Gulch so that the mauka pedestrian path is safer.    

Then there is no sidewalk on this side but there now is one on the other side, but there is no crosswalk to reach it. This is the spot shown on this page where you are forced into the roadway.

Once the walk was concluded we had a closing conversation with Director Goode. How can this be fixed? SOON!.

David advised there will be some SKR improvements made in the resurfacing this year.  Also, there are some earlier drawings that he has invited KCA to review that pertain to the long term vision for SKR.

For some other sections of SKR in need, see prior article at    https://gokihei.org/environment/which-section-of-south-kihei-road-is-most-dangerous-vote 

Stay tuned.

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