1/3/24 #kihei

UPDATE   At almost this same exact location, this could  have been yet another fireworks tragedy. Perhaps because of the brush abatement, the lack of wind,   quicker neighborhood actions, some luck or a combination of all of these. 12/31/23 was scorched earth and a damaged fence.

About fifty yards north from where some homes were destroyed

 Once again firefighters lacked a key to the County gate at Waipuilani to access the dirt  road that may someday be the next segment of the NSCR, but alert neighbors had extinguished the blaze caused by fireworks








8/16/23 #kihei


Crew cuts and clears the wild dry vegetation adjacent to this housing project.

This afternoon we see this work crew cutting and clearing much of the vegetation in the North-South Collector Road (NSCR) corridor both north and south of the Waipuilani stream gulch. Clearing dry brush is one of the tenants of wildfire prevention. Of course we do not know why this was being done today, but do know this area is where homes were lost to fire when overgrown brush was ignited by fireworks on July 4 five years ago.  https://gokihei.org/environment/liability-the-state-of-being-responsible-for-something-especially-by-law

While our district has been mostly spared the devastation and damage experienced by our island neighbors this time, we know we too have the conditions conducive to a similar tragedy. So we are again devoting our general membership meeting at OUR NEW LOCATION on Sept. 19 at 6:30 pm to Wildfire Prevention in South Maui”. Stay tuned for details of our first meeting at the ProArts Playhouse in the Azeka Plaza, makai.



Someday we may have the extension of the NSCR here, as this portion is next up, but it is still years away.


Freshly cut down to size wild dry brush is just feet from homes.


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