1/4/2023 #kihei #bikeability

The Link Between Bikeability and Health
By Lisa Monroe

The health benefits of biking are pretty obvious. They include increased cardiovascular fitness, lower stress levels, improved muscle strength and flexibility, stronger bones, decreased body fat, reduced anxiety and depression, and better joint mobility, posture, and coordination.

Biking is also an exercise that just about anyone can do. That’s because it’s easy, low-impact, and the person doing it can easily control the intensity level.

Considering all the benefits of biking, what happens when an entire city, community, or neighborhood proactively focuses on improving its bikeabilty by adding bike lanes to roads, creating new bike paths, adding bike racks at businesses, and other measures to promote bicycling? Well just as you might imagine, research is showing that the public health benefits are much more far-reaching and complex than the physical health benefits that any individual rider experiences from biking.

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