7/14/18 #kihei
Who is responsible? Is there someone to hold accountable? That is the gist of coconut wireless sounds we are hearing. not only in our area, but island-wide.  We had a tragic fire in central Kihei earlier this month that resulted in grievous harm to a firefighter, two families to completely lose their homes, and four others to have severe damage. Today, we see workers paid by the homeowners removing not only the burned up foliage that was the primary initialization fuel for the fire, supposedly sparked by fireworks (legal or illegal?), but also seemingly as preventive of reoccurrence, much of the remaining growth.

All of this growth is along the North South Collector Road (NSCR) corridor that borders this residential development. Homeowners we spoke with there said this is County land, and their responsibility to maintain. So is the county administration culpable here? We expect in the near future there will be legal proceedings to provide answers to these questions.