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KCA ‘s ongoing call for a safe reasonable walkable/bikeable community SIDEWALKS

Sadly, wherever we have them, Kihei is notorious for disjointed segmented sidewalks. Needless to say, this discourages walking for any distance, as if you are forced into the roadway, the lack of safety is obvious. Rather than a parent pushing a stroller for the joy of a walk in a pleasant atmosphere or to run […]

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Kihei’s La’ie wetlands environmental project on Saturday

UPDATE 2/27/15   Congratulations and mahalo to all the volunteers who partook last Saturday. We stopped by this morning, and perhaps it was anthropomorphic, but the residents sure seemed in better spirits.           Picture taking mom and her son are frequent visitors to this site, and she said she really appreciated […]

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DO YOU KNOW WHAT A RAINGARDEN IS? You will this Saturday 1/24/15

UPDATE 1/25/15  PM    Here are the results of the day’s work:                           UPDATE  1/25/15   We visiting  8:00 AM this morning(1/24/15) and remained for about 20 minutes, but no was near the site. Can rain impede the start of a raingarden? See what […]

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UPDATE County Council Votes in Favor!!  (1/16/15) Second a final vote by Council was unanimous this morning, so now move to Mayor Arakawa for signature                                                         (12/19/14) This […]

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Brown water alert at Kamaole II and III is not the way to start the new year!

UPDATE 1/1/15   While this report had been advising the good (if long deayed) news that a sement of the disjointed NSCR was bening built, even if it had NO sidewalks, yesterday we saw the devistation to our near shore waters by an explosive “mud flood” from the sight, first reported by communty member at the […]

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Kihei’s “Holiday” Whale

UPDATE 12/25/14    Now almost two years later with no fanfare, we see the Whale s “lei’d” again for the season, still protected by the accredited fencing. Our area seems filled with individuals and organizations, some accredited, some not, working to make South Maui a better place to live.                 […]

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Maui News Viewpoint on December 2, 2014

  Changes needed to make South Maui a walkable and bikeable community VIEWPOINT December 2, 2014 The Maui News Save | Post a comment |             As far as I can determine, the initial concept of the north-south collector road across Kihei was first proposed over 30 years ago when […]

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Environment topic of free Nov. 21 event

Even though the event is not in South Maui & seems directed to Central Maui, the topic is a favorite of KCA, and it is what we have been championing for over a decade. How can we make our area a walkable/bikeable community? A free workshop about improving Maui’s environment for pedestrians, bicycles and residents […]

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Why is KCA testifying in support of Cental Maui Master Plan?

This afternoon, (10/27/14) KCA President Mike Moran, speaking for the Organization, joined about 30 public testifiers in Council Chambers in favor of the Central Maui Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan before the County Council’s IEM Committee. While our bylaws dictate our kuleana is South Maui, we felt is was worthy to support a resolution […]

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Alliance of Maui Community Associations Meeting

At this month’s Alliance meeting this Monday 9/21/14, the group examined a laundry list of ways the County government can improve for the benefit of the residents. By compiling a list of issues, concerns and problems, the group worked to decide which segment of government had responsibility, what action might be affected, & who might […]

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