5/8/24 #kihei

We have been following the transition of the Haggai Institute since the State proposed over a year ago to purchase the mostly empty structure to be used for housing for teachers and others in need. We supported the action as well as the plan to lease the facility to the County to proceed. In August when the wildfire storm obliterated Lahaina, it offered almost immediate help for the numerous groups who descended on Maui to help with the numerous needs of our residents who lost most everything.

Amenities include 288 parking stalls, meeting rooms, a library, a commercial kitchen, a dining area, a pool and a gym. The property’s location in central Kīhei makes it a short walk or drive away from two supermarkets, Maui Bus routes, schools, restaurants, the Kīhei community and aquatic centers, and the Azeka Place shopping center.

The facility was more than a twin multi story housing with outstanding landscaping, it included facilities planned for a preschool, a large swimming pool, a playing field. a library, a gym,  a commercial kitchen and a large  288 stall parking area all enhanced with a great number of fully mature  trees.

There was a tree crisis on Lipoa Street at the newly State acquired Haggai Institute building. The State hired Maui Coast Hotel to manage the building, and they immediately topped 2 of the beautiful shower trees shading Lipoa Street and numerous parking lot trees. We stepped in and so far have halted the destruction of the other 3 shower trees, and they now say they will work with arborists to maintain the trees properly. This remains to be seen.


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