12/23/23 #kihei

Maui News multi award winning photog ( and more these days) Matt Thayer again captures the 2023 version. We d not have confirmation, but expect this again is the work of Pauline

Tis the season for the Kalama Park Humpback Whale once again in 2023




UPDATE 12/25/14    Now almost two years later with no fanfare, we see the Whale s “lei’d” again for the season, still protected by the accredited fencing. Our area seems filled with individuals and organizations, some accredited, some not, working to make South Maui a better place to live.

IMG_9865 IMG_9866 IMG_9864


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12/28/12  As sure as visitors swarm into South Maui at this time of year to enjoy much of what residents sometimes take for granted, the  season is marked by Pauline Fiene’s placing of the huge lei around the whale sculpture at Kalama Park. Maui artist Elan Vital created this landmark decades ago, shortly after his arrival on Maui, and as Christmas approaches each year, this huge beautiful lei is draped around its neck.

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