12/13/23  #kihei#

Stirring up a dust storm while working in the Waipuilani Stream gulch early Wednesday afternoon

Early this afternoon, we came across the Maui County crew activity makai of the highway, but were unclear what specific action they were performing there

This County truck was located in the dry stream bed while quads were driving East & West around it

With the trades blowing, this stirred up dirt and silt so we chose not to stop there to determine what they were doing, but we expect the residents in area were experiencing unpleasant conditions.

Even with bright reflective gear , it was difficult t0 see this individual riding around on what might have been a quad, but something more seemed to be involved to create such a duster.  Might this be a riding lawnmower?



Further South along the North-South Collector Road corridor we see more activity


If you know what they were doing, please let us know.  If we learn more, we will post an update.

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