12/19/16. #kihei   Having attended most of these meetings from the first one back on May 4, SEE https://gokihei.org/alternative-transportation/maui-metro-planning-org-maui-mpo-meeting we are still unclear what to expect. Is this something that could really rejuvenate transportation needs on Maui Island? The prior meeting seemed to be cobbled together by chair David Goode scrambling to quickly recruit some substitutes for several missing members, and this was only after a couple of meetings. So what could we expect 6 days before Christmas? Regardless we (two KCA officers) went to the County Planning Room this morning at 9:00 AM armed with our testimony, (and the only community association participating,) concerning needs in South Maui, insuring there was a community voice. for our area’s concerns

This was just the second meeting for the Executive Director, Lauren Armstrong, and all of the participants save outgoing Council member Don Couch who is on mainland with major personal family concerns, participated this time. From our point of view, they seem to be progressing getting everything organized under the new Exec Direct. They expect to have their own website up and running in first quarter of  2017.   The next meeting is set for 1/26/17 at 9:00 AM.

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