12/19/16. The KCA Water Quality Working Group (WQWG) assembled this afternoon for a discussion with the two scientists, Mailea Miller-Pierce and Neil Rhoads to discuss what all might expect in this endeavor. Working collaboratively, they offered a short presentation to help determine if what we are seeking to determine would be satisfied with this proposed study.

As they just touched on a few points, we immediately had confirmation of how important this study can be to our community. Were you aware HDOH is required to report marine water quality to the U S Congress every two years? Are you concerned about the accuracy and validity of these reports? KCA certainly is.

We have agreement the study would be completed in 3 somewhat distinct phases, with expectation first one would commence in January, and believe we are aligned.

Now we need to continue to seek financial support. We are reaching out to a wide spectrum of entities to participate for the well being of our community. Can you make a tax deductible donation? Would your employer be willing to help protect employee health and well being?

SEE https://gokihei.org/news/ocean-water-quality-campaign right on this site for information and making a tax deductible donation.

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