4.19.20 #kihei 

For most of the 21st century, the Kihei Community Association (KCA) organized a continuous food drive for the Maui Food Bank (MFB).

We did this by asking our MEMBERSHIP as well as the overall community who attend our general membership meetings to bring some nutritious, non-perishable food products to those meetings for donation to the MFB.

Some caring entities conduct a single event for a very large collection but our support was intended to be a continuous flow of product, regardless of the season.

But due to the current health crisis, we are forced to make changes. As the last general meeting has been cancelled, and we may need to cancel the next month, the contributions from KCA to the MFB has decreased. However, the need for food contributions certainly has not lessened.

Therefore, the Kihei Community Association would like to remind all of us that we can still support the Maui Food Bank. Product donations can be delivered to the facility located at 760 Kolu Street, Kahului or a check can be mailed.

More information available by calling (808) 243-950 or visiting the Maui Food Bank website.