You know who you are, the members who faithfully attend the General Membership Public meetings, and remember to bring a donation for the Maui Food Bank (MFB). Our year round effort differs from other groups who have a big push once a year, and both ways (and any others) are all worthwhile. as the community need remains great. As must be sadly repeated, both kupuna and keiki go to bed hungry every night on our Island.

So the MFB reached out to express “grateful appreciation” to you with this certificate.  IMG_1425

IMG_1328    And this is before the “members only” meeting, the party to celebrate KCA’s 55th year of incorporation, with the big push for big donations in product or dollars (check please, made to Maui Food Bank.) as the only “price” of admission. Remember think in multiples of five, 5,10,15,20 25 or even 55.

So have you RSPD’d yet?  Don’t forget!!  You don’t want to miss this one.