IMG_0376We were in the minority on choice of agenda item Tuesday morning  IMG_0739IMG_0391

IMG_8804As the room literally overflowed out the door on 7/28/15,, KCA was the first and one of few to testify here. We continued our pitch for safe bicycling and pedestrian access inside and outside around this proposed project, on both sides of Lipoa makai of Liloa Dr.

With So Maui’s only greenway bike path along the very east edge of the project, is it not a no-brainer to make bicycle connectivity to the commercial entries with in the project. Obtaining this access riding through the parking lots is not acceptable

We also asked for safe sidewalks along both sides of Lipoa, and making use of “green streets principals.” These have been consistent conditions set by KCA, and while the Krausz duo of David and Jay have been cooperative over a decade concerning their project, we have been unable to get agreement on these.

After the next public testifier on another topic, a decision was made to recess to move the meeting to the much larger Council Chambers on the 8th floor next door. The overflowing crowd seemed to exceed 100, and vast majority were there for a west side topic. This is a proposed homeless camp which would require some land use changes on State & County levels. This was the entire focus of the Maui News Article on 7/29/15, covering the meeting This topic ( ultimately differed for 60 days) remained in discussion past 3:00 PM, so we were out of time to hear discussion of the Krausz project.