IMG_0289UPDATE 7/28/15   While these projects are progressing , we wanted to alert you to an approved action that will be completed at least by early 2016, at the intersection of SKR and Kanani Rd. While many DPW actions have been proposed over past several years, traffic signal light, roundabout, safer pedestrian  actions, the DPW has request for bid for putting a concrete island where it is currently striped and then adding a street light (not a traffic light) it the island.  The street light was based on a citizen request and sent to our Public Works Commission which recommended its installation.  No RRFB’s ( those pedestrian “flashers” most walkers love)as those are usually at mid block crossings, but the street light was specifically requested to help illuminate peds at night. (Mahalo Director Goode!!)

7/24/15   So now it is our turn for several repairs, scheduled to commence Monday 7/27/15 at 8:00 AM:

1. Long discussed Kanani Street has just one section at this time between Kanakanui and Auhana Roads  (It’s a start)

2. Kaiola Pl from Ohukai  Rd. to Koki Pl. . Ironic as the very poor roadway section was lone one to NOT have a speed hump installed, as uneven road cause vehicles to slow down. Expect next we’ll need a speed bump here.

3. Kaiolohia St.  from Kaiwahine st. to Kaihoi St, mauka of P Hwy.

4. Kaukahi St  from Makena Rd to Wailea Alanui Dr.

Be be prepared for delays & detours each day up until 3:30 PM.

Call 877-2755 for more information.