9/26/17 # kihei
Once again, fulfilling her commitment made even before assuming office in January, our Councilmember met with the board at the KCA office in Kihei early this afternoon for the third time.

Items and issues discussed by the eight directors and a committee member meeting with Kelly included two of the ones recently discussed at our general membership meeting last Tuesday (9/19): how we may achieve a true raised bridge over the Kulanihakoi river at South Kihei Road (SKR) and a roundabout rather than a red light at Kaonoulu and SKR. (Have you written to the Mayor yet? SEE  https://gokihei.org/noconcrete)

In addition there is the matter of how best to spend $1.5 M set aside for South Maui housing and homeless issues. Kelly confirmed there will be another couple of public meetings on this matter, allowing community input. The initial one was 9/16 – SEE https://gokihei.org/volunteer/homelessness-meeting-this-morning-brings-out-mostly-organization-guys.

We voiced our plan to seek an alternative to at least some portions of the Kihei Draft Master Drainage Plan by hiring an environmental engineering firm using an OEDM grant to offer this improvement.

Kelly has offered to arrange meetings with department directors to at least promote discussion on some of these matters. The meeting concluded with a general report of the past nine months of Council session, and what we might expect in the future.

She also confirmed that she does intend to run for reelection by entering the primary set for August 11 (ARE YOU REGISTERED?). We will have a candidates’ forum on July 17. Are you marking your 2018 calendar? .

Kelly listens and informs


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