While it seems some on these volunteer Committee members may have forgotten we submitted testimony before, See https://gokihei.org/education-2/kca-makes-our-first-special-committee-on-governance-meeting-on-thursday-afternoon-to-testify we wanted to be sure they remembered what we had to say this time. So we distributed a copy of our “Position Paper” (available on KCA website) for each of them before we delivered our oral comments this afternoon (3/31/16), in support of change to a Council Management type of system.

Unlike the prior meeting held at 5:00 PM, this returned to the usual 1:00 PM time, but this was a new location, the Planning Dept meeting room in the Kalana Pakui Bldg on the ground floor, the site of the Planning Commission meetings. 

KCA was among four. testifiers. The meeting extended until 5:30 PM, but action was taken by a squeeze of 6-5 vote of approval for a resolution to develop three models of county manager government, each to be considered later and put to a vote.

From here they decided to have five members form a “temporary investigative group’ (TIG) and report back to the entire committee in April

The Committee is tasked with concluding in June with a report to the County Council.IMG_3099 IMG_3083 IMG_3088 IMG_3084 IMG_3087 IMG_3084 IMG_3091 IMG_3092 IMG_3086