The Elephant that was NOT in the room is holding many answers.

A large turnout (24) of concerned individuals turned out for the monthly meeting of Alliance of Maui Community Associations (Alliance) last evening (3/28/16, 6:00PM) . Part of the reason for the increased attendance was several of the attendees did not actually represent any Community Association (CA), but were drawn to the topic, “Maui’s Agriculture Options. “ While some of them also are C.A. officials, a large contingent of members of the Agricultural Working Group, which was originally formulated by Councilman Don Guzman, participated. Likewise while some of them represent various C.A.’s not all of the announced candidates for State & County office were a part of any one of them. Farmers and businessmen were there to listen and share their manao with County officials.


The power point presentation(See much of it visually below*) offered by Maui Tomorrow Foundation moderated by newly elected President Lucienne de Naie did exactly what their Director Albert Perez explained it was intended to do, start the conversation about what happens now to the soon to be abandoned sugar cane lands.

After a good part of the meeting was concluded a comment was made that implied many of the comments & discussions were conjecture. In many ways they almost had to be, since no one from A & B or H C & S attended, the second meeting of the Alliance this year to which they were encouraged to participate, but declined. Further no representative from either corporation has apparently had any meaningful discussion with anyone, so concerned guys have to go with what they can ascertain.

The next meeting of the Alliance is set for April 18 at 6:00 PM

* While the visuals were sufficiently clear in person, we see not so much here, possibly because of the “screen” material. It can be viewed at Maui Tomorrow website– SEE   

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