Last evening the meeting of the Alliance of Maui Community  Associations (Alliance), now in its ninth year since commencing in 2012, included three Council members and three reps from our organization, as well as about 25 guys from seven other Associations and also other entities.

The major topic was the proposed regional advisory committees to the Maui Planning Commission. South Maui has had a provisional one for the past nine months, meeting monthly in the evening right in South Maui, so it is time to be official. But the County Council wants to make one setup to fit all districts, even though regions of our island are vastly varied.   From what we observed at County Council committee meetings, and reinforced last evening, South Maui has a long wait to drop the provisional label.

Presently Hana is THE one area that has one. South Maui has been trying to be next for some time, and now Haiku-Paia is as well. 

So the corresponding Councilors, Kelly King for South Maui and Mike Molina for Haiku, joined PSLU committee Chair Paltin  with the Association reps seeking agreement on a variety of matters including who decides on committee make up as well as criteria required to qualify as a volunteer.

Prior to this topic, there was also discussion on the upcoming US Census for 2020 presented by Ron Larson, who just did so at our general membership meeting on Jan. 21 and mayor’s Assistant Bill Snipes, who attended that same meeting.

SEE: https://gokihei.org/meeting-recap/first-2020-general-membership-meeting-fills-the-hall

Bill, Dick and Ron

Following that, Lucienne  de Naie and Lynn Briton, an officer for the Maalaea Village Association (MVA)  offered a tag team explanation to the group concerning  Maalaea mauka. Now that the full Council agreed on Friday (1/24/20) to send the proposed development back to PSLU committee, there is a movement (which KCA has always endorsed) to get the lands in public ownership and keep it undeveloped.

SEE https://gokihei.org/environment/we-look-at-the-latest-version-of-spensers-maalaea-mauka-proposed-project 

The next meeting of the Alliance is set for FEB 25, 2020 at 6:00pm at the Kaunoa Senior Center.