It’s been over a year since we were first contacted by members of the community advising that four half century old monkey pod trees on SKR were fated for immediate removal by County Government, which had the ways and means to do so . Some guys said ain’t it a shame that they were to be knocked down, and that  they  just won’t let them be. But a small vocal group said knocked down?  No way! Together, more or less in line, we will not just wait to see what tomorrow brings, we will stop the chop. And darned if they didn’t. Now the sidewalk has been replaced, and many are grateful that the trees are not dead.

While the supposed reasons for the tree removal varied from disrupting the sidewalk, to delaying repaving the roadway (oh no, not so,) then to flooding,(that’s wearin’ thin,)  the “tree people” kept truckin’ on with street rallys, communicating with elected and appointed county officials, forming a committee with the KCA, writing letters, but sure not sittin’ and cryin’ at home.

A typical daydream occurs to me: why wasn’t the sidewalk just repaired in the first place?