Plans for Kihei Mega Mall Questioned

Kihei Community Association planning discussion shifts to controversial Kihei mall. “Whether we like it or not, they have legal entitlements to develop it.”

April 26, 2012

Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez , The Maui Weekly

The community maps were on the wall. Audience surveys were handed out. Environmental advocates were prepared to speak and answer questions.

Everything was set for an educational panel discussion on the South Maui element of the Maui Island Plan at the Tuesday, April 17, meeting of the Kihei Community Association (KCA). Maui County Planning Director Will Spence and Senior Planner John Summers gave brief presentations on the background of the plan, and Land Use Planner Bill Frampton provided an informative PowerPoint presentation on small town development principles and on the growth of Kihei from 1933 to the present.

It was all going according to plan–until Kihei resident Tom Kelly stood up to ask Spence why the Eclipse Development Group was being allowed to build a huge mall above Pi’ilani Highway when no one wanted it.

Kelly’s question generated sustained applause from the more than 100 attendees, and at that point, the meeting’s schedule was thrown out the window as additional questions were asked and answers demanded from panel members Spence and South Maui County Councilmember Don Couch.


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a KCA Board Member and volunteer who enjoys life in South Maui.

5 Responses to “Plans for Kihei Mega Mall Questioned”

  1. kathleen Deponte May 2, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I want the Mall and new road from up country… our kids need improvment and jobs we can`t just live with the three or four stores we have now.. as it is too bad so sad when walmart is out of xmas toys and your kids are crying right? I`m tried of living out of civlization cause people think they know whats best for maui and the planning comm. is doing things backwards like walmart and panda parking lot..or zippy`s one way? we finally got a mayor in office that truly cares about the people….and i will vote for him again… don`t be stupid my kids have had to move away from here cause no jobs……gas is to high for us upcountry to be going all the way around the island to get to work…when we can just run down the hill…

  2. Mayor Arakawa and his administration support the Kihei Mega Mall Development. The County’s Public Works Department has issued the owners of the Property mass grading permits. There is nothing stopping the developer from breaking ground today. It would have to take something very, very, very serious in nature to stop the forward progress of this development this late in the game.

    Currently there is no money or definitive plans to build the upcountry road. The developer of the Mega Mall will build about a quarter mile of road mauka of Pi’ilani Highway and Kaonoulu road through the center of their project. When completed this quarter mile-long mauka or eastern extension of Kaonoulu road will be the main entrance into the Mega mall and will become the Kihei link to the upcountry road when and if it is built.

  3. The public has never been given an opportunity to comment on the big box shopping center and mega mall, it violates the community plan, violates zoning and violates the Land Use Comission Order requiring the property to be developed into a light industrial park. In addition, it represents the worst kind of urban sprawl, will negatively impact traffic on Pi’ilani Higway, negatively impact existing shopping centers and replace local business enterprises with national retailers who will take money away from Maui.

  4. Does anyone truly know how to stop the Mega Mall when politicians are in their pockets?? What Legal ways are there?

  5. Hopefully we may be able to learn of postive actions to affect change at our June 19 Community meeting. Regardless if you are for, against or unsure, this is an oportunity to speak, listen and maybe learn.