A few very alert members of the street tree committee observed numerous young trees planted in the Kihei Community Park were being severely damaged by inadverent tree “girdling, ” which if left unchecked would have killed the trees. Wire wrapped around the young tree trucks and affixed to ground stakes to offer support when first planted were never removed, so as the trees grew, they were being “choked.”

After their first reports of the problem were ignored, persistance paid off. Once contact was made with  Kaeo AhSau,  the Acting Supervisor for South Maui Parks, a site meeting was arranged for Thursday Sep 22 with Kaeo and Todd Richter-Recreation Assistant I, as well as Chad Caldito- Park Caretaker II, and a few knowledgable committee members. Upon arrival, we were very pleased to see that all the wire had been removed, and the consensus was that while the vast majority did sustaine damage, most if not all will recover.

 In addition, once the “support wires” were removed, it was deterrmined by committee member and arborist Elanie Malina that some of the trees had been planted incorrectly, and likely would not survive without mitigation. She described the needed measures to Kaeo and his team, and they readily agreed to immediately take on the task to save the trees. The committee expresses mahalo to Kaeo for his assistance , and  believe we, and future generations, will appreciate  all the benefits provided by these trees.


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