You know the adage, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” But what if you have a good plan, and it fails. This was the essense of Jon Miller’s frustration, as he asked since we had a good community plan, how did we end up here, and what can be done to eliminate a reoccurance. After opening announcements by Steve Cordova, and guests Sue Kaing and Charter High School students Sarah Lagattuta and Myles Belmudes,  Rep George Fontaine gave his monthly update. Then our September 20 meeting saw Andrew do a brief power point on a vision of 70′ power poles across Kihei (see it posted “KCA releases renderings…,”) before Lucienne de Naie offered her visual and oral presentation of the developing Maui Island Plan. This preceeded the panel discussion which brough in long range county planner Kathleen Kern to join Luci & Jon on stage for a lively discussion. Following the questions from the community. Steve closed it announcing the 10-18-11 meeting on commercial development in No. Kihei. A detailed report of the meeting will appear in next week’s Maui Weekly.