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The third Tuesday is May 21, so we will be back thankfully at St. Teresa Church Schwartz Hall for our bimonthly general membership meeting commencing at 6:30 PM.

You DO know about the membership special limited-time offer, right? If you don’t, keep reading!

Bur first, looking back:  were you one of the disappointed, discouraged attendees at the Community Center where we witnessed the unveiling of the Draft Kihei Master Drainage Plan in 2017?

Afterward, we had suggested that the Department of Public Works (DPW) contract with Dr. Amanda Cording of EcoSolutions and revise that plan using low impact designs (LID).

Since the proposed plan called for no action in the following five years, why not go for a plan the community could and should support?

Lo, and behold, our suggestion was enacted by the Department of Public Works.  Dr. Cording will show our members some of her designs at this month’s meeting for the major Kihei river gulches.

Our Council Chair Kelly King will be there. Our district County legislator and Council Chair Kelly King will offer a report of the potential FY 2020 County budget and how it is expected to affect South Maui.

Our continuous drive for all those generous Maui Food Bank donations of nourishing non-perishable food to feed our “community in need” are encouraged. At our last meeting, we totaled ninety-seven pounds of donated non-perishables.

We recently learned that our belief that ten percent of Maui’s keiki are in critical need is often nearly double that estimation!

Admission is free, even if you are not a KCA member (but you should be!) but step up with a generous food donation AND ENSURE IT IS NOURISHING, for example, CANNED FISH OR OTHER PROTEIN, FRUIT, AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS.

Ready for the special membership rate information now?

Kihei Community Association is a membership organization. We are a 100% volunteer-run, unfunded, non-profit association. Our bylaws require six meetings of the general membership in alternating months beginning each January, on the third Tuesday of these months, and this has been followed since incorporation in 1960.

Very often these gathering are referred to as community or public meetings because the Association has offered this to the community beyond those who step up to support KCA with membership on some level.

Unfortunately, too, often we are advised that South Maui residents decide not to support the organization as members because they can get all the information and benefits we offer regardless of their membership.

Our organization accepts this with little complaint. A downside of this membership question is that there are those who then say we do not speak for the entire community because so many Kihei residents are not members. So we are reaching out to our Kihei residents to reconsider and become members of our organization.

Right now, we have a temporary general membership rate for individuals or family memberships at $15.00 for an entire year, a 40% reduction. Without members, we are not an effective organization for change and movement on the issues that affect South Maui.

6:30 PM at St Theresa Church Hall at the corner of Lipoa and South Kihei Road

More info, call (508) 499-9996


Dr. Amanda Cording