UPDATE 5/3/19  The Legislature approved HB89 CD1 which would take affect when the Governor signs it.

5/1/19 #kihei #fireworks

About 50 concerned Maui residents turned out at 6:00 PM last evening at the Pomaika’i Elementary School Cafeteria in Kahului to hear from a panel of government leadership concerning illegal fireworks. Moderated by local community activist Mahina Martin, the panel included Police Chief Tivo Faaumu, Fire Chief David Thyne, Prosecuting Attorney Don Guzman, Harbors Maui District Manager Duane Kim; Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating & Ocean Recreation Division Maui District Manager Paul Sensano; and Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz.

The community question under discussion was “How can we enjoy our holiday customs and traditions without causing a serious degree of trauma and harm to others in our community? “

Mahina Martin asked a short series of prepared questions to the panel, before reading written submissions from those attending. A diverse group of Maui citizens expressed concern for fire danger, mental trauma, especially for those suffering with PTSD and other ailments; animal welfare, environmental damage and financial support achieved by criminals through the sales of illegal fireworks.

Fire Chief Thyne and County Prosecuting Attorney Guzman and others addressed proposed supportive legislation.

It was mentioned a bill still was still alive at the state legislature, HB 89 SD2 as of 4/29/19 which amends the law to enable fines to be established and describes proper disposal of fireworks.

There is also another bill, HB89 CD1 entitled “Relating to Fireworks”, which states the government “will establish liability for a person who is responsible for real property and allows an individual to possess or set off illegal aerial devices on the real property, establishes criminal penalties and clarifies that probable cause for arrest for fireworks offenses may be based on statements from witnesses and photographs, video, and other recordings” (HB89 CD1). 


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Mahina Martin

DLNR Division of Boating & Ocean Recreation Division Maui District Manager Paul Sensano

Harbors Maui District Manager Duane Kim

Fire Chief David Thyne

Police Chief Tivo Faaumu

Prosecuting Attorney Don Guzman

Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz.

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