UPDATE  6/30/18 #kihei  We see the County has now posted a sign (after several months) to alert the community of the plan for this plot of land purchased this year.










Unrelated, but of community interest, we note juxtaposed just south of this land these dueling signs fronting a newly constructed mc mansion offered for sale while applying for a B & B permit. How do you interpret this?

If permit is granted, what happens when property is sold (It is not transferable, is it?)  If it is sold first , who is applying for the B & B?












UPDATE  2/13/18. COMMITTEE APPROVED THE PURCHASE AT THE EXPECTED REDUCED PRICE NEGOTIATED. Next step in what is done with the land. Stay tuned.

Council’s Budget Committee just wants to negotiate purchase price, but agrees on buying land

1/30/18 #kihei
This morning when this item on the agenda was discussed by the members, no one spoke against the county purchase, but some wanted some time to negotiate a better price, which was what we expected.

For details on the proposed purchase, see our previous article from January 7.

KCA was one of ten who orally submitted testimony at the Council Chambers, seven on this particular item, all in favor of the purchase.

Our expectation is the $2.6 M asking price will be reduced by a couple hundred thousand, agreement will be reached and the deal consummated and finalized in March.