Stakeholders meet with representative to hear what is being considered for future development on lands

6/28/18 #kihei
We were included with a number of concerned stakeholders to hear a proposed update from Harry Lake of Koa Partners, the stated representative of Sarofim Realty, this afternoon at the Akaku, Maui Community Media, upstairs conference room. His firm is working in conjunction with the worldwide design firm, Callisonrtkl. It our understanding that the land owner now realizes that there can be no way to build a shopping mall or anything like it at the site, so is following the unanimous directive of the Land Use Commission and reverting to what was decided when the land use change was approved, with over 100 individual light industrial segments as the starting point.

For KCA, we believe something better for our community can now be done on this land, as so much has changed over the decades. Our community is united in seeing the prime need in development is housing for our residents, so truly affordable housing for the working class living here. A mix of rentals and purchased homes, senior housing and some assisted living which can be infused with some support businesses and health care. Such development must have reasonable, safe connectivity to the high school, especially walking and bicycling away from the highway.

KCA mentioned this vision to Harry Lake, and you can see they are looking at one alternative along these lines. We also stated they first need to address the cultural concerns of the Kula Makai Moku.

We look forward to the next meeting in hopes of progress.

Light Industrial Plan

Mixed Use Plan