June 29, 2018
#kihei #governor #communityassociation

Governor David Ige came to the Maui Tropical Plantation (thanks to generous host Mike Atherton) today to answer questions from Maui’s community associations (through the Alliance of Community Associations). There was a crowd of about 40, including not only board members of the community associations (including two from KCA) but also community activists, County politicians, and 2018 political candidates.

There were questions on a wide range of topics, but the one that raised the most discussion and the most participants was about looking at not only the benefits of tourism but also what infrastructure is required to support current and planned levels of tourism – roads, parking, parks, safety features at popular destinations. One participant asked if the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) should not only be focusing on promoting tourism but also on managing tourism. Governor Ige said that was a reasonable question and that the selection of the new head of the HTA will be an opportunity to introduce a focus on management.

Meeting chair Dick Mayer with Governor Ige