What KIRC plans to do on their land near boat ramp in South Kihei

You know KIRC is Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission, right?

6/29/2018 #kihei
To start, if you are not familiar with this State government commission, see http://kahoolawe.hawaii.gov/history.shtml.

You probably noticed their location and have seen their boat there, but they have plans for that land over the next several years. Their astute executive director Mike Naho’opi’i contacted us to set up a meeting to inform us of their draft plans for an education and operations center. So our Design Review Committee (DRC) chair Randy Wagner set up a meeting with Mike this morning at our office.

In general the committee was very pleased with the outreach and their preliminary plan for the two story structure, as well as the overall improvements to the surrounding land. Mike explained they did secure some design funding from the legislature, but construction is likely several years away.


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2 Responses to “What KIRC plans to do on their land near boat ramp in South Kihei”

  1. Roof designed for snow load ?

    2 story building will block view to ocean.

    No Hawaiian design elements ?

    Building looks like Michigan or Ohio.

  2. We do not censor submitted comments. We do ask for aloha. We do ask our commentators to be aware that these posts are brief reports, this one of a one hour meeting. That meeting is a synopsis of a huge proposed endeavor which is in its initial state. We feel it is not productive to throw out comments unless the submitters have done some research or at least asked for more information. Otherwise making snide remarks and stating misinformation does not help the process