Better late than never action now proposed for North Kihei open space?

1/7/18 #kihei
Several years ago when we noted activity at some of the last remaining open spaces in Kihei along South Kihei Road (makai) we asked a county official why were they allowing more shoreline development and why not purchase the land to keep the open space. We were advised it was too late to stop development, so we watched more multimillion dollar homes built there, just South of Kulanihakoi Road until there is just one single lot left, & it is for sale.

This month the Administration is asking for consideration to purchase the 15.3 K square foot lot in the vicinity of 850 South Kihei Road (TMK 390011750000) for $2.5 M. As we had advocated purchasing it and the adjoining lots previously before there was any added infrastructure, we still believe this last remnant needs to be left undeveloped. Surely a more advantageous price could have been negotiated at the time of our original advocacy, but that cannot be changed, but hopefully a lesson learned.

The land is owned by Mr. Jeremy F Kozuki, who owns the Home Maid Bakery in town, and it is currently up for sale.

The County Council moved on Friday (1/5/18) to refer the matter to committee. Stay tuned.

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