1/1/18 #kihei
With the upcoming general membership meeting approaching on Tuesday evening, 6;30 PM, Jan 16, 2018, we remind everyone of our continuing, never-ending food drive, strongly advocating for generous non-perishable donations or checks for the Maui Food Bank. Bring yours to next Tuesday’s meeting.

It is time for the membership to meet the 2018 Board of Directors officers just elected on1/12.

While South Maui had lots to appreciate in 2017, we are anticipating more and better in 2018.

So in just two weeks at 6 PM the doors open for our first general membership meeting of the year, where we will look at three items we anticipate in the new year:

Kihei High School. The South Maui Leaning Ohana (SMLO) leader Gene Zarro will offer an update on the new facility under construction up the road at the top of the Research & Technology Park on Lipoa Parkway. Will the Charter School actually open in 2018? Find out on Tuesday.

Kihei’s Rivers. You know we have several rivers in Kihei, right? Granted we usually refer to them as gulches, but flowing water over centuries carves gulches, and if the flow is infrequent, they are still rivers. Do you know how many there are? Where they are located? Their names? How come there are no identifying signs?

County Management. Are you satisfied with how our county government functions? Is there a better way? Do you believe as a resident, a taxpayer, a registered voter you should decide on your form of government?

About 18 months ago, a single Council member’s vote in a committee decided that you could not decide at the ballot box if Maui should have a professional County Manager.

While there was reasonable discussion whether a specific form of “County Management” (there are at least dozens) proposed was the best one, it seemed obvious to us that the voting public had the right to decide.

Now a citizens’ group of volunteers has proposed a more balanced form, retaining an elected mayoral role in the governing process but now with a professional manager, and once again we see the decision of a single Council member denying the public’s right to choose. This time there was not even a committee vote, thus not even 8/9 of the elected Council has a say!

So KCA will allow the public to hear what is being proposed in a presentation by Mark Hyde, explaining this revised proposal, as well as what you can do to allow all of us a vote on it.

Our general membership meeting, open to the community beyond our members for no charge, as always on the third Tuesday of the month in the evening at 6:30 PM at 41 E Lipoa, the Kihei Charter Middle School.

Still not a member? You let it lapse? Just zip over to that

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