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 UPDATE 7/2/15     The Maui News caught up with KCA this morning with a front page professionally  written article on this topic.. The article contained first mention we have seen in our local newspaper concerning the Kihei meeting this past Tuesday.  See . In the article the Environmental Coordinator Rob Parsons cited the Council ‘s unanimous […]

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UPDATE 7/1/15 Once again more delays, with yet another hearing scheduled tomorrow 7/2/15 at 9:00 AM. UPDATE 6/15/15 Back in court at 8:30 this morning for the latest update, which was a bit disappointing, since is yet another postponement until July 1 at 8:00 AM. This  is described as a “change of plea hearing” as opposed […]

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KCA testifies at Council’s LUC on R & T Park

                                This Wednesday afternoon, (6/17/15) we submitted testimony to Chair Bob Carroll and his Land Use Committee on what probably is Kihei’s largest project, the long established Research and Technology Park(R&T) located mauka on the Pi’ilani Hwy on Lipoa. At […]

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Are you on the list??

NO!  Not that list. Makaala, The County Emergency Alert system list, so you receive a call text email or whatever you choose when there is an emergency. If not,  go to    and register and you’ll be on this list

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UDRB says Walgreens not appropriate at this Kihei location-PC IS NEXT ON TUESDAY 6/9/15

                            County’s Urban Design Review Board (UDRB) gets earful from So Maui. Walgreens box store not welcome in proposed Central Kihei location on SKR Well over a dozen community members showed up this morning (6/2/15) at the County Planning building in Wailuku […]

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Back AGAIN at the County Planning Commission

5/12/15 UPDATE  Yup, you guessed it back again. We wish to thank both Planning Director and Commission Chair for adjusting this item to the beginning of the agenda to allow the three community testifiers to offer their input, and quickly listen to the Commissions discussion of the matter. Two of the three testifiers were your […]

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MMMC Meeting this Tuesday Evening

The Puu Kukui Elementary School 3700 Kehalani Mauka Parkway in Wailuku is the location of a meeting offered by the Maui region of the Hawaii Health System Corp. While this is all obviously outside of our area of south Maui, as Maui Memorial is THE hospital on Maui (no disrespect to Kula Hospital) the situation […]

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What do you do with your hazmat??? Up this weekend!

For decades Maui residents wondered how best to dispose of hazardous material residue around their homes. While other counties had plans in place, Maui seemed to be lacking. Some guys, just with frustration , sent them to the County landfill, while the very conscientious and concerned ones kept accumulating them around the house or garage, […]

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Be Ready for Traffic Delays in Wailea This Week (4/27/15)

There are basically only two ways to drive in or out of Wailea to the rest of of Maui Island, via Wailea Alanui Dr to reach SKR or Wailea Ike Drive hooking to the Pi’ilani Hwy.. Beginning Monday (4/28/15) at 8:00 AM, both roads are subject to closures and detours, as Maui Master Builders under […]

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KCA testifies again at Council’s B & F Committee

On Wednesday morning (4/15/15) KCA expressed continuing support for safe bicycling in So Maui. While we had done so at the neighborhood committee meeting on April 2, see As this morning meeting on the eight floor was considering matters pertaining to the Department of Public Works (DPW), we joined several safe Maui bicycling advocates […]

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