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State DOT working along Maui County Street

So what were the State Department of Transportation (HDOT) workers doing along Kailoa Place in North Kihei today (10/14/14)? Well, since the strip of land on the mauka side of the street is part of the State’s Pi’ilani Highway Right of Way, it is their kuleana to maintain it, and several of the existing Kiawe […]

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Fledgling County Commission is taking wing

      The 2014 Maui County Public Works Commission (PWC) had their second meeting this morning (8/27/14), after three consecutive cancellations since the initial one. months before.  While we have no factual reason for the cancellations, indications of challenges with some of the new volunteer commissioners could be at least a part of it. […]

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Downtown Kihei Project Takes Next BIG Step

UPDATE (8/12/14)  This morning KCA submitted testimony to the County Planning Commission on this project, requesting 3 manini modifications to make it more community friendly. The commissioners voted unanimously to advise the County Council to approve the requested zoning changes and amendment to KMCP. so the project can go forward.                […]

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New Voices for elected office address KCA Membership

How often do we hear the refrain before an upcoming election from those dissatisfied with the current government say, “Vote them all out!” Will this help the situation if you are not welcoming someone who can do better? On Tuesday, 7/15/14 we offered our members and guests the opportunity to hear from “ the new […]

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Now this IS an Update on Pi’ilani Promenade

UPDATING THE UPDATE  7/16/14  The State Land Use Commission (LUC) has now posted the DEIS for Kaonoulu for the proposed Pi’ilani Promenade . SEE Upon digesting the lengthy document, your Association found it severely lacking in many areas, and immediately so advised the State Office of Environment Quality in the following missive:       […]

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Our Design Review Committee Reviewed Maalaea Project

UPDATE 7/3/14    Your Association hosted a small group of organizations to meet again with Spencer Homes guys concerning the same project. Maalaea Community Association (MCA) came to offer their comments in response to a presentation last month by Spenser, accompanied by Maui Tomorrow and Surfrider Foundation to offer input.           […]

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KCA continues to address the County Council

UPDATE 6/21/14 Maui News report of this issue published this morning 6/18/14 Your community association continues to address both the full Council as well as each of its committees on issues of concern for South Maui whenever possible. Part of the challenge is for volunteers to find time to get from our area to […]

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KCA’s Semi-annual community update for 2014

Our June 17 public general membership meeting opened with an update on KCA Director Mary Trotto’s athletic accomplishments on the mainland, as published in Saturday’s Maui News, then moved on to reading the update statement from Sarofim Realty Advisors of Dallas Texas on their Pi’ilani Promenade . Text is show below. with comment. Moran announced […]

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YOU GOTTA EAT! But choice of where keeps changing in Kihei

Our long term supporters who run the two Azeka Shopping Centers on each side of SKR offer lots of choices of food establishments, but we continue to see the businesses come and go.. Last month very long time favorite Stella Blues closed. to the surprise of much of the community.   .       […]

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FINALLY! Removal of unsightly rubble begins in No Kihei

  OK. So you’re driving south along the Pi’ilani highway passing the Kaonoulu Estates development on the makai side, and as you past Kaonulu Rd and there are no buildings, you glance to catch the ocean view, but it is spoiled by an open field filled with all kine rubbish which has lingered there for […]

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