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UPDATE  11/25/14     Meeting shown in its entirety  several times  on Akaku, Maui Community TV channels 53, 54 or 55 NOW. To get exact show times, go to  Check each of the 3 channels for various viewing times on your TV or computer. The rapt attention of most every one of the over eighty […]

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KCA General Membership Community Meeting Fills the House- Update*

UPDATE 11/7/14    Sometimes you can make a difference. At this forum, a question was posed to the Mayoral candidates: Maui seems to be the only county not participating in this hazmat control action.. What plan will you institute for Maui in 2015 to have a hazardous waste disposal method for individuals?.  Left over pesticides, […]

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WHY THE HECK CAN’T WE GET THIS SCHOOL BUILT?!? …build out of high school in Kihei seems distant.

  After last evening’s (9/16/14) general membership meeting, one conclusion may be the start of the very long delayed Kihei High School (KHS) is still a long way off, and allowing the construction time, the first class may not be admitted until 2020…or even later!  KCA Director and Kihei High School Action Team (KHAT) founder […]

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KCA Meeting on Ka’ono’ulu (8/19/14)

Predictions were for strong interest and large turnout for this monthly membership meeting due to the subject matter around the Ka’ono’ulu area of North Kihei,  and   it held true as well over 100 filled both levels of the room almost to capacity.   KCA President Mike Moran’s introduction offered brief synopses of  commercial projects […]

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New Voices for elected office address KCA Membership

How often do we hear the refrain before an upcoming election from those dissatisfied with the current government say, “Vote them all out!” Will this help the situation if you are not welcoming someone who can do better? On Tuesday, 7/15/14 we offered our members and guests the opportunity to hear from “ the new […]

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Status of water available in South Maui among issues discussed.

After a brief introduction of our new additional Kihei Division Community Police Officer, John Akana, who has joined forces with Emily Kibby, who mentioned her charity drive (visit ,         the May 21 general membership community meeting last evening (5/20/14) informed about 60 guys in attendance an educated opinion by State […]

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Architect, George Rixey

Can Industrial Hemp be Grown in South Maui? Opinions vary.

At last evening’s (4/15/14) general membership meeting focused on industrial hemp, listening to Hawaii Farmers Union United’s President Vincent Mina address this issues and more and while the membership heard from KCA past president George Rixey discuss the benefits of Hempcrete in architectural designs and construction, it seemed that there was unanimous consent that it would […]

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Members show intense concern about Climate Change at KCA meeting

UPDATE  4/7/14  If you attended this presentation last August, you may be interested that Lauren has an on line petition not on Climate Change, but related protecting Hawaii’s Coral Reef System at Last evening (8/20/13) Lauren Campbell held the interest of  attendees at this general membership community meeting with her power point presentation […]

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Invasive Species Come to KCA Community Meeting

  UPDATE 3/27/14  After hearing this informative presentation on the status of the LFA, it is encouraging  that the Maui News front page brings up the topic, but discouaging to read the content, explaining the attitude here . Meanwhile the only bill in the State Ledge on topic, SB2920, if it survives the last House( […]

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Report on MPD at KCA Meeting

The tragic events on our island of the two female residents who have gone “missing” precipitated a major focus change in last night’s  (2/18/14) general membership meeting. When the meeting was scheduled last October, the plan was an update from the Maui Police Department (MPD) focused on our area, South Maui, to examine crime, traffic, […]

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